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Spring Has Sprung!

Posted on April 9, 2019 at 9:15 AM Comments comments (0)

It’s officially been Spring for a couple of weeks now; and we’ve been enjoying the warmer weather, sunshine and all the excitement that a new season brings! I don’t know about you, but when Spring rolls in I get the itch to purge my house of items I am no longer using. When purging; our go to areas are of course the closet; various rooms in the home and the garage. I feel like there’s an area that tends to get left behind, our makeup/product storage.

It’s crazy that we forget to go through our makeup and hair products that we use almost daily! While using older skincare or hair product isn’t fatal, the products won’t be at their best performance level, or depending on the type of product infection could occur with continued use.

While most products have a cute little jar icon with a number next to it on the package indicating that particular item’s shelf life in months once opened; here’s a helpful guideline for the shelf life of your favorite products!

Skin Care Products:

• Cleansers: 1 Year after opening / 3 Years unopened

• Moisturizers: 1 Year after opening / 3 Years unopened

• Eye Creams: 1 Year after opening / 3 Years unopened

• Anti-Aging / Acne Products: 3 Months – 1 Year

Hair / Body Care Products:

• Shampoo: Up to 3 Years

• Conditioner: Up to 3 Years

• Styling Products: 3-5 Years

• Body Lotion: 1 year after opening / 3 Years unopened

• Shower Gel: Up to 3 years

• Bath Oil: 1 Year after opening

Makeup Products:

• Eyeliner: (Gel) 6 Months / (Pencil) 1 Year

• Mascara: 3-6 Months

• Powders: 1-2 Years

• Foundation: (Pot) 6 Months / Pump 1-2 Years

• Lipsticks: 2 Years

Now that you have some guidelines; it’s important to note that natural based products will have a shorter shelf life than those with preserving ingredients in them. Usually natural based products have a 3 – 6 Month shelf life after opening. Also, if your products start to change color or consistency it’s time to replace them, as an ingredient has expired which could cause it to be less effective or cause a possible reaction.

Once you’ve cleaned out your beauty items; you may be like myself and realize you’ve got quite the collection that will be tough to use in those shelf life periods. I suggest asking friends/family if they’d be interested in any of your products, you could use them for future gifts, or even donate to a Women’s Shelter near you! The possibilities are endless for sharing your unused beauty items!



Misunderstandings About Eyelash Extensions

Posted on March 3, 2019 at 6:30 PM

Eyelashes. We’ve all got em, some of us are naturally blessed with long gorgeous lashes, while some of us go through life testing out a variety of growth serums, magic mascaras and strip lashes only adding to our frustration and contributing to our ‘Makeup Graveyard’ that let’s be real, majority of us girls (and guys) have.

What if there was a way to alleviate your frustration with your limp and lifeless lash line? [Insert an ‘As Seen on TV’ styled monologue with numerous photos/video of sad people with sad lashes] Okay, joking aside there is a way to get the lashes you’ve always dreamed of, without the strings attached.

Eyelash enhancements have been around since the 1800’s – How cool is that?! Luckily for us we’ve got some pretty awesome technology in 2019 when it comes to Eyelash Extensions, the adhesives used, techniques for application and at home care, so you can keep your lashes (natural and extensions) in tip top shape!

Now, I know what you’re thinking. What are eyelash extensions? Or maybe you’ve heard of them, but you’re leery because of what you’ve heard. No worries, I’m here to fill you in on some basic information and put your fears to rest.

- Misunderstanding #1: They’ll ruin your eyelashes.

While there’s some truth to this (I’ll explain) this is a common misunderstanding. We’ve all got access to the internet, so of course we can google or search social media for almost anything these days. Which is pretty cool, but also can create some issue with misinformation.

When applied properly; eyelash extensions do not cause any damage to your natural lashes. As a certified Lash Extension tech I have been trained to apply lashes that are appropriate for your natural length and thickness; to prevent any damage to your natural lashes.

- Misunderstanding #2: Eyelash Extensions are permanent.

While it would be amazing if they were permanent; our lashes go through their growth cycle every 30-60 days on average, which is why lash fills are necessary to add extensions to the newly grown in lashes every 3-4 weeks.

- Misunderstanding #3: There’s no maintenance required.

Not to sound all parental; but eyelash extensions are a privilege and should be treated as such. Meaning; you’ve taken the time to find a reputable salon to get your first set of eyelash extensions; so why won’t you take the time to pamper those babies! Your Eyelash Extension Tech should have an after care card to give you; as well as cleansing options, brushes and even makeup that is safe for your lash extensions so that your at home care is a breeze!

- Misunderstanding #4: You don’t need to be on a Fill Schedule.

Your Eyelash Extension Tech may have different approaches with how to schedule your lash fill – I recommend to my Lash clients to prebook at the end of their Lash Date, so that we know she’s staying on track to keep her eyelashes looking their best. It’s important to stay on a 3-4 week Fill schedule to keep your natural lashes healthy and to maintain that full lash line.

- Misunderstanding #5: Length of Extensions V. Length of Natural Lashes

In a perfect world I would be able to just give you the longest/thickest eyelash extensions and it wouldn’t be an issue, however I practice Safe Lashing. This means that I will not apply an extension that is too long or heavy for what your natural lash can handle. (Makes me seem like a meanie, I know) I do it though because I want to keep your natural lashes healthy and happy, so by not overloading them with a lash that’s not a good fit your lashes will stay unharmed during your eyelash extension affair!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading some pretty common misunderstandings of Eyelash Extensions and maybe I’ve even convinced you to give them a try someday, or else I’ve just made you more comfortable with the idea of them. Either way there’s a solution for (almost any) beauty woe and I’m here to help you conquer them!